Creating a safer environment for your child

A & H commits to educating parents on child safety inside and outside of the home. We have important safety information available on this website, as well as in our safety guide and brochure which you may download below.

  • Childproofing Safety Tips
  • Why Hire a Professional Childproofer?
  • Poisonous House Plants
  • Harmful House Products
  • Important Resources

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of your child. We offer a FREE Professional Home Safety Evaluation and Consultation. Whether it’s in person, or virtually, we are proud to help educate other familes and keep their children safe, just like ours. Call or e-mail us for any questions, or to schedule an in-person or virtual (video call) consultation.

TV and furniture tip-overs have caused many child related deaths and injuries

We believe in creating the safest possible environment for children to learn, grow and explore.

The amount of safety information, products, and options you face to keep your child safer may seem overwhelming. A & H Childproofers aims to educate parents through home consultation and by providing comprehensive safety information. Your child’s safety is important, so when you are ready to explore the hazards in your home and create solutions that can keep your child safer, we hope you will call 847.650.2519 or e-mail us for a FREE Home Safety Consultation and Evaluation. Owner Arvey Levinsohn is the only Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer┬« in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Aside from serving Chicagoland, we also offer services for Milwaukee, Northwest Indiana, and Southwest Michigan. If you are not in our area, please feel free to e-mail us and we can help find a childproofer near you, or setup a virtual consultation. We proudly commit to the safety of children everywhere.

Advanced CPC

Arvey Levinsohn (owner of A & H Childproofers) has earned the Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer designation from the International Association for Child Safety.