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Why Hire A Professional Childproofer?

Instead of a Handyman

After evaluating thousands of homes over the years, childproofers are uniquely qualified to understand all possible problems that exist. Professional childproofers know how to install child-safe products properly, and have researched the best products on the market; We know which products work, and which do not.

Here are some additional reasons to use a professional childproofer:

  • A professional childproofer has training and knowledge in child safety issues and should be insured and certified by the International Association for Child Safety®
  • We install all child safety products and know what works and what does not
  • Most safety gates are designed to work in a limited space. A professional childproofer has the expertise and ability to understand and adapt the products to fit your needs safely
  • Will only use gates built like your babies crib, straight slats that cannot be climbed
  • Safely install gates on your stairs with no damage to your wood banister or iron rails
  • Professional childproofers have researched the best products on the market
  • A professional childproofer offers a variety of safety products and solutions, and does not just carry one specific brand name
  • Products easily found in a store may not be the safest and best solution for your home (i.e electrical outlet plugs, cabinet locks)
  • Products will meet or exceed all standards of the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association and The International Association for Child Safety®
  • Professional childproofers have creative products and installation solutions based on the unique design elements of your home

Why should you consider A & H Childproofers?

We are a small and unique family owned company dedicated to our industry and passionate about keeping children safer everywhere for 20 years. We make safety education our number one priority and are proud to be one of the first childproofing companies in the Chicago area. Also Arvey Levinsohn is the only Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer® in all of Illinois. Click here to learn more about A & H. Click here to learn about certification.

A & H Childproofers will guarantee all work and products for as long as you have children in the home, NOT 90 days OR one year, but FOREVER!


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